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                                 surrounds us and we each find this beauty in                         different things that exhilarate our senses. We can take in the same scene but be affected in completely different ways. I have always found the mountains, either capped with white or blanketed in green, to be majestic and inspiring. I've enjoyed the artistry of nature through numerous activities in my lifetime, like cross-country skiing and hiking.


Now I find inspiration in the grain of a tree that would have been left to decompose, but instead I take a section and create something new. There are times I have a vision of exactly what I want a piece to look like when it's finished. Other times I put wood on the lathe and see where it leads me. 


I invite you to explore my website and I hope that you find a piece that will add some beauty and inspiration to your home.

                                                                                    - Clyde "Buddy"


Note that this site is still in progress. The Gallery and Shop will be expanding and a Blog/Feature page will be added. Thank you for visiting! I hope that you will return and invite your friends to visit Woodgrove Turnings, too.                                                                            



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Natural edge bowl

There is simple elegance in a natural edge.

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